Newest Reviews

“I will admit, I am not much of a reader as I find it challenging to pick up a book and have it hold my interest. However, after reading a few pages of your book “A Heart In Pieces ~ A Return From Devastation”, I was intrigued! I couldn’t put the book down, page after page, I was locked in.

In reading, my heart ached for the little girl longing to be loved, the young woman seeking attention, and the woman mourning the loss of her children & the only true love she ever knew.

As I read the last page and closed the book, I began to see you in a new vision. You are truly the symbol of a Phoenix, as you have arisen from flames, beating all life challenges and defeating hard times. You have been reborn from the ashes of the past, and you now represent the victory of life!” ~Mieka


“Just finished reading your book and all i can ask myself is “how does she (mary) do it?” I hate to read but started and couldnt quit. Not even for a smoke! Lol. Wishin you lots of success with it. It was easy to read but hard to comprehend the struggles but glad to see you found the happiness you deserve! “-Darren


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